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Things To Know When Making Your Business Insignia

Do you think that creating an insignia for your business is a simple task? You might have to think harder. The insignia will become the image or the “visual identity” that is associated with the brand forever. You cannot put in a bit of text in a box and think that the task has been done. The reason that designers are in high demand is because their job involves creating a lasting first impression for the brand. This impression will affect the overall perception a customer has of the brand and will directly affect revenue. Here is what you need to know when you are creating your brand insignia.

Try to be unique but be smart
Your logo design will keep you separate from your competitors. Therefore you need to stand out. This is something that almost all brands struggle a bit with. You need to make something that is different from the rest that has already been seen. Given the amount of insignia today, chances are that somewhere in the world, somebody uses a similar insignia to you but originality should still be your primary goal. You need to think out of the box. Just because you own a mobile phone shop, it does not necessarily mean that a phone needs to be part of your symbol. It can be something that the customers will remember, something interesting.

Know what the brand is about
The insignia of a brand is its introduction to the market. You need to always target the correct audience when you are about to create a symbol. Write down, what you know and feel about the particular brand. Then maybe even make a mood board that will keep you in touch with the ideas of the brand. However aesthetics must never trump the actual meaning of your brand. The insignia needs to be mapped with the attributes and characteristics of the brand which is why it is so important that the symbol is an original. Is your brand based on utilities or does it focus on emotions? Does it have a contemporary or preppy feel to it? What are the brand’s aspirations and what does it want to tell the clients? Try to stick to the actual persona of the brand while you also try to be unique and creative. Finally understand the meaning of the insignia. There has to be a backstory; a history perhaps or a purpose.

Name it wisely
Any business insignia will have two components; the symbol and the words. There has to be a lot of advertising web design done and the brand really needs to make its mark before they can just use an image to represent the brand like in the case of Starbucks. If the business has a really unique name, the words might be enough by itself. If the name is generic, then you will need a symbol as well. Stick to simple ant straight forward fonts as well. Helvetica is a great example of a font that can pack a punch and look cool yet professional.

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