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Five Creative Keyword Research Tips

Right now keywords are the beating heart of SEO. After all, the first two letters in SEO stand for search engines. How do search engines work? By taking in key words and producing web pages. The reason we are here is to pick a keyword and get our website to rank for it. The right ranking for the right keyword can produce incredible wealth. The tricky part is finding the correct keyword. I’m here to share with you some creative keyword research tips you might not have thought of.

Think about focusing in. Keyword brainstorming often starts broad, with words like “TV” or “home.” These are great keywords if you can rank in them, but by now it would probably take a multimillion dollar campaign to reach the first page on these. The trick is focusing in. Your keyword should be “new TV” instead of just “TV.” “New Flat-screen TV” is even better. The more specific you get the easier it is to target searchers and rank for your keyword.

Try thinking like a searcher. Many people treat search engines in a very personal way. They don’t just enter in the keyword, they’ll type in full sentences. People who don’t work with computers are so used to conversation that they take this tone with them to their web searches. They won’t just type in shoes, they’ll type in “what shoes should I get for jogging?” Some of these searches get too specific to target, but this approach can get you coming up with new and fruitful keywords you never would have thought of.

Try thinking local. While the internet is worldwide most searchers are particularly interested in where they live. If they’re buying a used car they don’t really care about a dealership thousands of miles away. With this in mind don’t just aim for “used car,” go for “New York Used Car” or “Melbourne Used Car.” Not only will you face less competition, you’ll also be more likely to get paying customers on your site.

Look ahead. Searches differ depending on the time of the year. If its summer most people aren’t thinking about winter. This means summertime is perfect for targeting winter keywords. The same goes for holidays and everything else seasonal. When it comes to SEO it pays to be ahead of the curve.

Open up Google analytics. Google offers such a large array of tools that it’s easy to forget about some of the powerful tools it has to offer. One tool everyone in seo companies in Auckland should use is Google analytics. This tool provides you with detailed statistics on how many people are coming to your site and how they are getting there. With this tool you can find out what people searched for when they found your site. What you find might surprise you. More importantly it can inspire you.

If you start using these 5 tips in no time you’ll start finding keywords you never would have imagined. This is key, because so many keywords have been worked over it’s incredibly important to look out for new sources of web traffic by adwords, know more at Happy keyword hunting!

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